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Read Joel Salatin For Free With Kindle Unlimited

If you enjoy reading Joel Salatin, this is an excellent opportunity to enjoy most of his titles for free on Kindle Unlimited. This includes his newer titles and a few […]

Get Ready for January 2017

Get Ready for January 2017

January is a great time to plan for a new year! Take some time to shape your philosophy and develop a farming or gardening approach. Plan a garden. Discover community-supported […]

Get Ready for October 2016

Get Ready for October 2016

October is just around the corner! Are you ready to start a business, explore nature, and live by faith? Start and run your own small farm business. Find out how […]

The Changing Face of American Agriculture: Part 2

The Changing Face of American Agriculture: Part 2

Agripreneurship Young people continue to enter agriculture, according to the last USDA census. Most young farmers have limited capital to work with, and they frequently find outside financing difficult, if […]

The Changing Face of American Agriculture

The Changing Face of American Agriculture: Part 1

Agriculture tends to resist change a little more than other sectors of the nation’s economy. However, nothing, not even agriculture, can remain static forever. Today, many feel that the future […]

Get Ready for August 2016

Get Ready for August 2016

Even when the afternoons are too hot for outdoor work, you can still make the most of the time with research and planning. Spend some time studying business, marketing, nutrition, […]

Get Ready for March 2016

Get Ready for March 2016

Get ready for spring!  It’s time to plan new projects, start a garden, and get outside to enjoy nature. Start a new garden or orchard. Plan your farm water system. […]

What is Kobe Beef?

What is Kobe Beef?

Many direct marketers like to have a distinctive edge, something that sets their products apart from the rest.  In the home-raised beef realm, distinctiveness can take many forms.  As pointed […]

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh

Are you considering direct marketing grassfed meat and dairy products?  Before you begin, perhaps you could benefit from a little food for thought on the subject.  Try Farm Fresh: Direct […]

What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

One of the main features of the recent local foods movement is a desire to connect farmers and consumers. On the one hand, many farmers want to share their practices […]