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8 Ideas for a Bison Business

8 Ideas for a Bison Business

Want to do something a little different with your family farm or ranch? How about raising bison? From a land stewardship perspective, there are some major advantages to raising bison. […]

Buffalo Jones

Buffalo Jones

There are many reasons why Charles Jesse Jones could be an interesting person to read about. He grew up on the Illinois frontier when Abraham Lincoln was still a backwoods […]

6 Types of Exotic Poultry

6 Unique Types of Exotic Poultry

Looking for something a little different than the typical barnyard chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese?  You may be surprised at the usefulness and marketing potential of some of these unusual […]

Breeds of Livestock

Breeds of Livestock

The varied livestock breeds of the world have fascinating histories and characteristics.  Many country living enthusiasts have spent enjoyable hours researching their favorite breeds. One good source of information is […]

Waterers and Watering Systems

Waterers and Watering Systems

Thinking about raising livestock this year? Do you have a watering system planned? If not, or if you want to improve an existing system, this is one book you must […]

7 Unique Fiber Animals

7 Unique Fiber Animals

We all know that sheep are raised for wool. But sheep are not the limit when it comes to producing fiber. Some of the alternative fibers you have probably heard […]

Silkville: A Utopian Experiment

Silkville: A Utopian Experiment

More than one utopian dreamer has chosen Kansas as the place to found his grand experiment. A list of state ghost towns would be full of communities founded on some […]

What is the Difference Between a Llama and an Alpaca?

What is the Difference Between a Llama and an Alpaca?

Llamas and alpacas look strikingly similar.  Perhaps that’s why they are classified in the same family: camelids, a group of camel-like mammals.  Furthermore, they can both be raised for fiber […]

Getting Started With Guineas

Getting Started with Guineas

Guineas are bizarre birds, no question.  They have blue faces and bony knobs on the tops of their heads, and they make an incredible amount of noise.  It is nearly […]

Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control

Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control

Both internal and external parasites can be the bane of a livestock owner’s existence. They make your animals’ lives miserable, increase the risk of disease, reduce performance, and just look […]