How the Kansas Legislature Tried to Eradicate the Sunflower

Kansas has long been identified as the Sunflower State. The Native Americans relied on the sunflower for food. Early pioneers observed its profusion and noted how important it was to the birds of the plains. The Love of Kansas for the Sunflower In the homestead days of Kansas, many a country essayist or versifier celebratedContinue reading “How the Kansas Legislature Tried to Eradicate the Sunflower”

K-State Entomology Newsletter

What bad bugs are invading your area? The K-State entomology newsletter may have the answer. This newsletter keeps Kansans informed about the comings and goings of a wide range of insects of economic importance, particularly those that impact field crops. Pests of corn, soy, wheat, sorghum, sunflower, and alfalfa are regularly discussed. However, this newsletterContinue reading “K-State Entomology Newsletter”

Kansas Ag Connection

Looking for a good way to keep up with daily agriculture-related headlines? Give Kansas Ag Connection a try! Subscribers to On the Range, our weekly country living update (read more), may already be familiar with this site as a source for some of our headlines. There’s a reason for that. Kansas Ag Connection is aContinue reading “Kansas Ag Connection”