An All-Natural Insect Remedy for Field Crops

As the growing season approaches again, you may be looking for ways to increase your success in the field, searching for solutions to those challenges you faced last year. If insects such as grasshoppers are a recurring problem in your fields, you may want to give this remedy a try: chickens. A flock of hungry…… Continue reading An All-Natural Insect Remedy for Field Crops

The First Book of Farming

Interested in taking a scientific approach to farming?  Give this oldie a try: The First Book of Farming by Charles L. Goodrich. Although not entirely up to date, The First Book of Farming nevertheless contains many sound principles.  It explores the needs of a plant, examining each of its parts in turn: Roots. Seeds. Leaves.…… Continue reading The First Book of Farming

The Ongoing GMO Debate

First a definition: A GMO (genetically modified organism) is any living thing that has been altered by genetic engineering. Genetic engineering uses a plethora of different techniques to create GMOs, but in all cases the end result is the same: the insertion, deletion, or mutation of one or more genes.  This technology enables scientists and…… Continue reading The Ongoing GMO Debate