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Benefits of Agritourism

Benefits of Agritourism

How does agritourism benefit the farmer, the public, and the community? Here are 12 ways.

The Organic Price Premium

The Organic Price Premium

Why is organic food more expensive than conventional food, and where is this trend headed in the near future?

11 Applications for an Agricultural Interest Besides Farming

11 Applications for an Agricultural Interest Besides Farming

Running a farm or ranch is not the only way to cash in on your agricultural interest. These days, there are plenty of fields where a knowledge of agriculture and […]

Kansas Populist Movement Basics: The End

Kansas Populist Movement Basics: The End

Populist candidate James Weaver did not become president in 1892, as most undoubtedly know. However, he did win 8.5% of the popular vote, which was considered an impressive amount for […]

Kansas Populist Movement Basics: The Beginning

Kansas Populist Movement Basics: The Beginning

The Populist movement of the late 1800s is a major topic in Kansas history. A brief glance at history books tells us that the populism of that era was more […]

Pros and Cons of Niche Marketing

Pros and Cons of Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is the norm for many small business owners, no matter what they are selling. Before diving in, however, it’s best to have an understanding of both the opportunities […]

Get Ready for October 2016

Get Ready for October 2016

October is just around the corner! Are you ready to start a business, explore nature, and live by faith? Start and run your own small farm business. Find out how […]

The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb

The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb

Gardening on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looks or taste! The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb: 400 Thrifty Tips for Saving Money, Time & Resources In and Around […]

Farm Fresh

Farm Fresh

Are you considering direct marketing grassfed meat and dairy products?  Before you begin, perhaps you could benefit from a little food for thought on the subject.  Try Farm Fresh: Direct […]

Quote of the Week: Leaks

Quote of the Week: Leaks

Beware of little Expenses: a small leak will sink a great Ship. —Benjamin Franklin