Food Ingredient Labels: A Glossary

Have you ever read an ingredient list on a packaged food item and come away feeling less informed than you started out? It’s little wonder. The labels on processed foods can be lengthy and highly cryptic! Many of those unrecognizable ingredients (especially those with acronyms for names) are best avoided if you are seeking toContinue reading “Food Ingredient Labels: A Glossary”

Birdwatching Glossary

If you are new to birdwatching, skimming through a field guide can sometimes be a little bewildering. What do all those strange words mean? Lores? Tertials? Wing bars? Below we have compiled some of the birdwatching terms that you probably don’t use in everyday conversation. Can’t find the word you’re looking for? Let us knowContinue reading “Birdwatching Glossary”