Tennessee Fainting Goat

Although best known for “fainting” when startled, the Tennessee Fainting Goat is more than just a novelty.


This pure white breed has earned its reputation as the Holstein of the goat world.


Sweet and spunky, the lovable Pygmy goat endears itself to all who know it.


This rare Swiss dairy breed is making a rebound thanks to the work of dedicated breeders.


Long ears and a loud voice make this popular dairy breed distinctive—but it does not come from Africa.

Nigerian Dwarf

Goats of dwarfish proportions were once widespread across much of Africa, their historic home being a large swath stretching from the Atlantic coast inland as far as modern Sudan and almost spanning from 20°N to 20°S latitude. These miniature goats varied by region, some being stocky, cobby little animals and others proportioned like true dairy…


As its name suggests, the LaMancha does have ancestors from Spain, but it was developed entirely in the United States. Its story begins with the arrival of the conquistadors. The conquistadors and the missionaries who accompanied them always brought along livestock for food. Goats were usually among the herds and flocks, thanks to their versatility;…

French Alpine

The French Alpine originated thousands of years ago as the direct descendant of the Pashang of Persia, one of the earliest goats to be domesticated. The Pashang traveled to the Alps with the original settlers of this rugged region, and here it adapted to new conditions. For millennia the goats of the Alps developed as…


Cashmere—a word that has denoted luxury and comfort since the most ancient times. Perhaps the oldest reference to this fine fiber is in Exodus 25:4, where God requests offerings of goats’ hair (also known as cashmere) to build the tabernacle. The cashmere was subsequently used to make curtains (Exodus 36:14). While any goat except the…


Boer is an Afrikaans words meaning “farmer,” which sums up the history of the Boer goat (literally, “farmer’s goat”) nicely. From the breed’s origins in South Africa in the early 1900s, the Boer has been the choice of enterprising farmers wherever it has traveled. The Boer was bred solely for meat production right from the…