Benefits of Making Music

Those of us who play music typically do it for the love of it, not necessarily for any benefits it might bring us. However, research indicates that playing an instrument goes a long way toward making us healthy, well-balanced individuals. Here’s how: Enhanced brain function. About 90% of the brain is stimulated during music practice.…… Continue reading Benefits of Making Music

A Kid’s EcoJournal Series

If your children love the outdoors and also love to write, they may enjoy A Kid’s EcoJournal series by Toni Albert. There are four of these books (spring, summer, fall, and winter), but they all follow a similar format. After some tips on exploring and writing about nature comes space for entries. Each entry has…… Continue reading A Kid’s EcoJournal Series

The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Children love drawing horses! Here’s a book that can guide them through the process in a fun way. The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses by Barry Stebbing starts with the basics: Shading.Mixing colors.Using shapes to make drawing easier. Then on to a number of discussions on drawing different breeds, markings, gaits, and poses. Interesting activities liven…… Continue reading The Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

If you have an obsession with maps, this is the site for you! The Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States offers map after map after map, some of historical interest, others with relevance today: Cultivated crops. Soil regions. Drought frequency. Oil and gas fields. Indian tribes. Spanish, French, and American explorations. States,…… Continue reading Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States