Pros and Cons of Dual-Purpose Livestock

While dual-purpose livestock breeds are not exactly commonplace anymore, they are frequently favorites on many small farms and homesteads. Chicken breeds that are suitable for both meat and eggs are probably the most common, followed by cattle that can serve meat, milk, and draft purposes alike. But there are also sheep suitable for fiber, meat,Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Dual-Purpose Livestock”

Which Draft Animal is Right for You?: Donkeys

Those who are considering draft animals generally find themselves comparing oxen, horses, and mules. Donkeys do not receive nearly as much attention in the draft world, but that is not to say they can’t pull their own weight around the farm! The donkey breed best suited to farm work is the American Mammoth Jackstock. LargerContinue reading “Which Draft Animal is Right for You?: Donkeys”

Which Draft Animal is Right for You?: Horses

The horse has always been and still remains a great favorite with some who work with draft animals. It is widely in use among the Amish, and it has enjoyed the attentions of homesteaders and small farmers of all stripes in recent years. While heavy horses are the ones commonly thought of as draft horses,Continue reading “Which Draft Animal is Right for You?: Horses”