Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

We all know that healthy plants are resistant to bugs. Unfortunately, we all too often forget to ask ourselves why this is true. In nature, weak organisms are typically attacked first. In the animal kingdom, predators see and smell the weakness of their prey. Gardeners have long suspected that diseased or dying plants put outContinue reading “Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?”

Alfalfa Production Handbook

If you plan to grow alfalfa in Kansas, K-State has just the guide you need.  The Alfalfa Production Handbook is available online for download as a free PDF. Topics include: Choosing a variety. Planting times and methods. Stand renovation. Nutrient needs. Irrigation. Common pests and diseases. Cutting and storing hay. Harvesting alfalfa with livestock. AlfalfaContinue reading “Alfalfa Production Handbook”

Insects in Kansas

If you spend time outdoors, you come into contact with quite a few insects and other creepy-crawlies: Bees. Ants. Flies. Spiders. Termites. Cockroaches. Earwigs. Crickets. Spiders. On a more pleasant note, there are also butterflies and helpful garden friends such as praying mantises. If bugs fascinate you or someone in your family, you may appreciateContinue reading “Insects in Kansas”