Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

We all know that healthy plants are resistant to bugs. Unfortunately, we all too often forget to ask ourselves why this is true. In nature, weak organisms are typically attacked first. In the animal kingdom, predators see and smell the weakness of their prey. Gardeners have long suspected that diseased or dying plants put out…… Continue reading Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

Alfalfa Production Handbook

If you plan to grow alfalfa in Kansas, K-State has just the guide you need.  The Alfalfa Production Handbook is available online for download as a free PDF. Topics include: Choosing a variety. Planting times and methods. Stand renovation. Nutrient needs. Irrigation. Common pests and diseases. Cutting and storing hay. Harvesting alfalfa with livestock. Alfalfa…… Continue reading Alfalfa Production Handbook

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a difficult concept to define because of its complexity. The idea is to use multiple tactics, both proactive and reactive, to keep crop damage below the economic injury level (EIL). Proactive Tactics Much of IPM focuses on preventing pests from becoming a major problem in the first place: Keeping growing…… Continue reading What is Integrated Pest Management?

Texas Fever

It was the mid-19th century. The cattle drive era was in full swing. Longhorns from Texas were entering Kansas in droves on their way up to the railheads. New towns were booming and fresh beef was being supplied to industrialized, post–Civil War consumers. But something was seriously wrong. The problem was not with the hardy…… Continue reading Texas Fever

Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control

Both internal and external parasites can be the bane of a livestock owner’s existence. They make your animals’ lives miserable, increase the risk of disease, reduce performance, and just look nasty. Unfortunately, drugs are proving to be increasingly ineffective as parasites adapt to modern chemicals. Isn’t there some natural remedy out there that will consistently…… Continue reading Diatomaceous Earth and Parasite Control