Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian, & Honduran

Southeast Asian Rosewood Southeast Asian rosewood is an endangered species. This wood is no longer harvested for guitar manufacture, and is therefore extremely hard to find from legitimate sources. Southeast Asian rosewood has the exotic colors that make Brazilian rosewood so highly sought. It tends toward a reddish cast. Black grain lines offer contrast, but…… Continue reading Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian, & Honduran

Pick Punch

The Pick Punch lets you make guitar picks out of plastic. Put those old credit cards and gift cards to use to make one-of-a-kind picks!

Why Cowboys Sang

The singing cowboy is by no means a Hollywood invention. History records the fact that cowboys always sang, starting back when cattle trails began.

8 Reasons to Memorize Scales

Memorize those scales. How many times have beginning musicians heard this advice, no matter what instrument or genre they are playing? Drilling scales may seem boring when you are anxious to learn new songs, but this discipline has its worth. Here are a few reasons to consider memorizing some scales: Improve your coordination. As a…… Continue reading 8 Reasons to Memorize Scales