Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian, & Honduran

Southeast Asian Rosewood Southeast Asian rosewood is an endangered species. This wood is no longer harvested for guitar manufacture, and is therefore extremely hard to find from legitimate sources. Southeast Asian rosewood has the exotic colors that make Brazilian rosewood so highly sought. It tends toward a reddish cast. Black grain lines offer contrast, butContinue reading “Rosewood: Southeast Asian, Amazonian, & Honduran”

Rosewood: Brazilian, Indian, Madagascar & Cocobolo

Rosewood is a common choice of wood for guitars and mandolins. It has been used for backs, sides, tops, and fretboards. But did you know that instruments are built with several different types of rosewood? Seven of the most common are: Brazilian. Indian. Madagascar. Cocobolo. Amazonian. Honduran. Southeast Asian. Does country of origin make anyContinue reading “Rosewood: Brazilian, Indian, Madagascar & Cocobolo”

You Can Teach Yourself Dobro

Teaching yourself Dobro is easy—especially with this book! You Can Teach Yourself Dobro by Janet Davis offers a logical sequence to learning this unique instrument, starting with the basics and using previous skills as a foundation for new skills. The book is divided into lessons, early lessons covering essential technique and subsequent lessons introducing aContinue reading “You Can Teach Yourself Dobro”