Irish Setter

The Irish Setter has a knack for making itself the subject of controversy. A brief examination of its history brings us immediately to the first dispute—the origin of the breed. Something more or less like an Irish Setter has existed in Ireland since the 1700s, albeit in a piebald color. How it came to be…… Continue reading Irish Setter

Golden Retriever

All British retrievers trace back to the same source—the Canadian water dogs imported in large numbers in the early 1800s, variously called Newfoundland or St. John’s dogs. The shorthaired version of this cold-hardy, water-loving working breed evolved into the modern Labrador Retriever. However, a furrier type was also known and imported. This was called the…… Continue reading Golden Retriever


The Beagle is a breed old enough to have its origins shrouded in mystery. We know for certain that, when the Romans arrived in the British Isles soon after the birth of Christ, they found small hounds already employed in hunting. About a thousand years later, William the Conqueror and his Norman soldiers brought along…… Continue reading Beagle

American Pit Bull Terrier

The modern pit bull has a long and checkered history. It is one of many breeds that trace back to the ancient molossus of Greek and Roman times, raised by the latter for entertaining the masses in the arena. The molossus subsequently gave rise to the old-fashioned bulldog. This was not the the short-legged, short-nosed…… Continue reading American Pit Bull Terrier

Cinnamon Teal

The male cinnamon teal (Spatula cyanoptera) is an unusual bird, unlikely to be confused with any other duck. He is mostly deep red from his eyes to his body. This red color is neatly trimmed at both ends with black, the oversized bill being blue-black and the tail being pure black. In the early fall,…… Continue reading Cinnamon Teal