Natural Goat Care

Goat owners, if you can only buy one book on goat health, consider this book by Pat Coleby.  It is guaranteed to quickly become a favorite, one you will refer to often whether you raise goats for milk, meat, or fiber. Coleby’s approach in Natural Goat Care to goat care is unique, based on the principle thatContinue reading “Natural Goat Care”

What is Management-Intensive Grazing?

Management-intensive grazing (MiG) is difficult to define because of its flexibility. Simply put, MiG is a systems approach to keeping grazing animals of all kinds. It starts with goals (environmental, economic, and lifestyle) and progresses to a grazing plan that takes your unique circumstances into account. MiG has much to offer those who keep grazingContinue reading “What is Management-Intensive Grazing?”

How To Make Osage Orange Fence Posts

Permanent fencing is sometimes necessary, but it can also be costly.  However, with a little time and effort (and a few Osage orange trees) you can make your own fence posts and save some money. Why Osage orange?  It lasts.  Once the wood dries, it’s iron tough.  Just watch out for the thorns…. You willContinue reading “How To Make Osage Orange Fence Posts”

What is Endophyte-Free Fescue?

Reading up on pasture forages tends to give one the distinct impression that having a field full of endophyte-infected fescue is not a good thing…but what is an endophyte? Why is it bad? Endophyte-Infected Fescue Simply put, an endophyte is a fungus that lives inside tall fescue. The fescue itself is in no way harmedContinue reading “What is Endophyte-Free Fescue?”