Cricket in the Thicket

Short poems feature bugs that will be familiar to nearly every Kansas child, and children from other places, as well.

Old-Fashioned Knitting Rhymes

Because each line of most knitting verses corresponds to a particular movement of the needles, knitting rhymes evolved for instruction.

Seasons in the Flint Hills

Crisp and black with cold, dry ash,You cover yourselves with green,Awakened to life by rain and sun,You thrive in the breezes of spring. Days grow long, the south wind blows;Your green now changes, too—First more vibrant, then more soft,And then to a golden hue. A gentler sun ripens your goldTo copper and rich red rust;HeatContinue reading “Seasons in the Flint Hills”

Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale

When Johnny’s family moves west to find more room for their son to grow, the young man’s immense size proves to be a decided asset.