The dignity and size of the feather-footed Brahma have made it a new favorite in America.

Black Star

The Black Star goes by a number of names, including Black Sex Link and Black Beauty, depending on the hatchery. It is not a pure breed, but rather a crossbred chicken produced by mating a Barred Plymouth Rock hen to a Rhode Island Red (or occasionally New Hampshire Red) rooster. The name “Sex Link” refers…… Continue reading Black Star


In the early 1900s, the Orpington breed was being refined in England for appearance and show qualities. But this was not the case in Australia. At roughly the same time, the Australians were hard at work shaping their Black Orpington populations into a dual-purpose chicken par excellence. To start with, the Australian poultrymen emphasized egg…… Continue reading Australorp


The history of the Araucana is very hazy. It is certain that the breed comes from the Araucanía region of Chile, where it was bred by the native peoples. However, no one seems to know for certain if the breed predates exploration by the Spanish or not. New research often directly contradicts old research. What…… Continue reading Araucana

Getting Started With Livestock Part 3: Diet

Keeping your animals on pasture obviously has financial benefits, and you’ve probably heard of the numerous health benefits, as well. Even nonruminants like pigs and poultry can derive a great portion of their diet from the pasture, although they will need some type of supplemental feed. So how do you make it all work? Pasture…… Continue reading Getting Started With Livestock Part 3: Diet

Getting Started with Livestock Part 2: Fencing & Facilities

There really is no one right way to fence and shelter your animals. It’s a subject that will largely depend on your individual circumstances. But it’s also a subject that must be addressed, so here goes. Fencing What type of fencing and where to put it is going to depend a great deal on what…… Continue reading Getting Started with Livestock Part 2: Fencing & Facilities

Getting Started With Livestock Part 1: Water

When it comes to keeping livestock, the water supply of your land base can be a major limiting factor. Therefore, before you invest any money in farm animals, it is crucial that you take stock of your water situation first. Supply Let’s start by examining the water resources you have available: What water sources do…… Continue reading Getting Started With Livestock Part 1: Water

Pros and Cons of Deep-Litter Bedding

While allowing livestock of all types to enjoy the freedom and nutrition of pasture is ideal, there are times when animals may need to be temporarily confined. For instance, you might be raising chicks in a brooder, or you might need to isolate an injured animal in a stall. So how do you keep livestock…… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Deep-Litter Bedding