Dunkard Mill Bridge: Its Completion and Legacy

In a January 22, 1903, edition of the Winfield Courier, South Bend reported that the first arch of Dunkard Mill Bridge was finished and that this new bridge was becoming a regular attraction. It was generally recognized that watching the bridge go up was quite a sight to see. The Accident But the very nextContinue reading “Dunkard Mill Bridge: Its Completion and Legacy”

El Cuartelejo: Rediscovery

Archaeologists have determined that the ultimate cause of El Cuartelejo’s demise was fire, as testified by the remains of charred posts and corn seeds. The Comanches who later took up residence near the pueblo had a legend that the ruins were struck by lightning. In any case, for the next hundred years, the walls slowlyContinue reading “El Cuartelejo: Rediscovery”

What is a Landrace Breed?

A landrace is a group of genetically related animals unique to a given geographical area. Landraces come about over time as animals within the area interbreed for many generations with relatively little outside influence. The fact that all of the animals within the population descend from the same set of ancestors, whether those ancestors cameContinue reading “What is a Landrace Breed?”

The Heritage of Turkey Red Winter Wheat

There are many reasons to love heritage foods, including health and flavor. But another fascinating aspect of these foods is their history. And what better heritage food to celebrate than Turkey Red winter wheat, the grain that made Kansas the Wheat State? Origins The history of Turkey Red begins in the country of Turkey, notContinue reading “The Heritage of Turkey Red Winter Wheat”

Pawnee Indian Museum

The site of the present-day Pawnee Indian Museum near Republic, Kansas, was accepted by the state in 1901, making it the oldest State Historic Site. The site was dedicated and opened to the public that same year. Thousands came to witness the ceremony and to see a granite monument—to an event that never happened inContinue reading “Pawnee Indian Museum”

6 Reasons to Preserve Kansas Heritage

Kansas has a unique heritage.  Just about anywhere you go in the state, you can see relics of our fascinating history mingled with modern everyday life. Have you ever stopped to consider the inestimable value that many of our state’s historic places and handed-down stories can provide?  Here are some of the reasons that weContinue reading “6 Reasons to Preserve Kansas Heritage”

Scott State Park

The area of Scott State Park has a particularly rich heritage. It was once the home of the Apache tribe, but various Pueblo Indians fled to its remote expanses to escape the tyranny of the Spaniards of New Mexico. Later it became the home of French troops contesting the right of Spain to the GreatContinue reading “Scott State Park”

Greenwood Hotel: Part 3—Restoration

The 1926 remodel was the high point of the Greenwood Hotel’s history. Although it continued to thrive as a gathering place for the town of Eureka, life at the hotel took on a more leisurely pace. This was noted by Roy Wall, writer for the Wichita Beacon, in 1952: In the half-lighted lobby, the buzzingContinue reading “Greenwood Hotel: Part 3—Restoration”

Greenwood Hotel: Part 2—Remodeling

To understand the next phase of Greenwood Hotel history, we’ll have to digress a bit. The Panama Canal A canal across Panama had long been considered as a shorter alternative to the dangerous trip around Cape Horn. Spain had first proposed it as a better way to get to Peru. Years later, America built aContinue reading “Greenwood Hotel: Part 2—Remodeling”