Cover Crop Decision Tool

Looking for the right cover crop? Give this Cover Crop Decision Tool from the Midwest Cover Crop Council a try. First select from one of the following states: Iowa. Illinois. Indiana. Kansas. Michigan. Minnesota. Missouri. Ohio. Ontario. Wisconsin. Then choose options that take into account your growing conditions: County (for frost/freeze date estimate). Planting andContinue reading “Cover Crop Decision Tool”

The Agricultural Adjustment Act in the Great Plains: Part 1

Between 1929 and 1932, the net income of the average farm operator fell 69%. Prices for agricultural products were at their lowest since the 1890s. Wheat sold for only 25 cents per bushel. Much of this drop in prices was due to an agricultural surplus. Harvests had been bountiful before the drought hit, and aContinue reading “The Agricultural Adjustment Act in the Great Plains: Part 1”