The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb

Gardening on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice looks or taste! The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb: 400 Thrifty Tips for Saving Money, Time & Resources In and Around the Garden by Rhonda Massingham Hart will show you how to make the most of your gardening dollars, while still enjoying a beautiful and productiveContinue reading “The Dirt-Cheap Green Thumb”

K-State Horticulture Newsletter

Gardening in Kansas can be a very unique experience. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find information tailored to our somewhat unpredictable climate and growing conditions. Fortunately, K-State has filled the gap with a weekly newsletter packed with useful and timely information that gardeners of all stripes will appreciate. Whether you have a kitchen garden,Continue reading “K-State Horticulture Newsletter”

Get Ready for March 2016

Get ready for spring!  It’s time to plan new projects, start a garden, and get outside to enjoy nature. Start a new garden or orchard. Plan your farm water system. Take on the 5-minute brainstorming challenge. Learn more about growing your favorite vegetables. Learn about the breeding birds of Kansas. Start a farm journal. FindContinue reading “Get Ready for March 2016”

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Do you find the thought of making compost daunting? No wonder—most books will tell you that you have to mix the ingredients precisely and monitor the project carefully every step of the way to ensure a pile that will heat up properly. Composting doesn’t have to be that difficult! There are many different ways toContinue reading “The Complete Compost Gardening Guide”

Pros and Cons of Gardening in Kansas

Gardening in Kansas is quite a bit different than gardening in most other states—and that can be both good and bad. The Kansas climate is unique, which presents challenges and opportunities found nowhere else in America. So what exactly is different about gardening in Kansas, and how do we adapt? Pros Long growing season. MostContinue reading “Pros and Cons of Gardening in Kansas”

What Makes Some Cucumbers Bitter?

All cucumber plants contain a substance known as cucurbitacin, which tastes very bitter and is toxic when concentrated.  Normally, cucurbitacin is found in the roots, stems, and foliage of the plant, but in times of stress it may creep into the cucumber fruits, as well. Usually the cucurbitacin content of a cucumber is so lowContinue reading “What Makes Some Cucumbers Bitter?”

Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers

Cornell University has put together an excellent online guide called Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers.  While the seasonal information is tailored to conditions in New York, this site is still an excellent resource for Kansas country families. Some useful general information comes first: Reasons to consider planting a cover crop. How to use cover cropsContinue reading “Cover Crops for Vegetable Growers”

Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening

This old classic just keeps on going! Fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants—it’s all here, along with a diverse array of natural gardening tips and techniques. The current edition of Rodale’s well-known work is Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, and it still contains a wealth of knowledge.