What is Sustainable Agriculture?

It may seem simple to define sustainable agriculture, but ask two people what it is, and you’ll probably get two different answers. Many of the various perspectives have similarities, but each approaches the subject from a slightly different angle. Here are three of the most common viewpoints. Environmental Focus One common view is that sustainable…… Continue reading What is Sustainable Agriculture?

You Can Farm

Unlike some of the other Joel Salatin books we recommend, You Can Farm is not a practical how-to guide. It is a philosophical challenge geared toward beginners.  It’s a great way to start contesting paradigms and brainstorming outside of the box as you are guided through the process of creating a vision and making it…… Continue reading You Can Farm

5 Ways to Save Money On Seeds

If we avid gardeners were to be brutally honest with ourselves, we would all probably have to admit that we spend way too much money on seeds.  There are always new and exciting varieties to try, and we want to have some extra seeds on hand just in case, and sometimes we get carried away…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Save Money On Seeds

Don’t Throw It Out!

This is not a post about recycling—at least not the type that involves saving up plastic bottles for the local recycling center. This type of recycling is quite a bit more interesting because it seriously challenges your creativity. If you’re keeping a close eye on your spending, there is one key question that will arise…… Continue reading Don’t Throw It Out!

Looking at the Bigger Picture

In nature, everything is part of everything else.  Cycles and systems are all inextricably linked together to form a whole environment.  Microscopic organisms are just as important in their place as larger living creatures.  The solar cycle and the water cycle interact, and both plants and animals are necessary to the food chain. The rest…… Continue reading Looking at the Bigger Picture