How Does No-Till Farming Work?

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS First, a little background. Farmers have plowed and tilled the soil for thousands of years. Sometimes they debated how often to plow, or how deep to plow, or what tool to use to plow. But they always plowed. Ancient Egyptian artwork portrays oxen pulling plows; many large breeds of horses…… Continue reading How Does No-Till Farming Work?

Starting a Garden or Orchard: Water

February is already here, and gardening season is just around the corner! It’s none too early to start planning this year’s garden. For those of you who are starting a garden or orchard for the first time, we are posting a five-part series that will guide you through some of the planning process. Happy gardening!…… Continue reading Starting a Garden or Orchard: Water

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

It may seem simple to define sustainable agriculture, but ask two people what it is, and you’ll probably get two different answers. Many of the various perspectives have similarities, but each approaches the subject from a slightly different angle. Here are three of the most common viewpoints. Environmental Focus One common view is that sustainable…… Continue reading What is Sustainable Agriculture?