Why Cowboys Sang

The singing cowboy is by no means a Hollywood invention. History records the fact that cowboys always sang, starting back when cattle trails began.

Brave the Wild Trail

There is nothing Josh Bramlett wants more than a dog. And his father Eben has just the plan to make this dream come true! Scrub cattle run wild across Florida, just waiting to be rounded up and driven to market—a market hungry for beef in the days just after the Civil War. If you love…… Continue reading Brave the Wild Trail

Australian Cattle Dog

When Australia was first settled, cattle farms were clustered around present-day Sidney, close to market. The traditional dog that took the small herds to town was the Smithfield, probably somewhat like an Old English Sheepdog in appearance. But when the grazing land further inland were opened to stockmen in 1813, extensive ranching changed everything. Far…… Continue reading Australian Cattle Dog