Get Ready for October 2016

October is just around the corner! Are you ready to start a business, explore nature, and live by faith? Start and run your own small farm business. Find out how livestock are upgraded. Explore options for super-small-scale farms. Identify the wildflowers and grasses of Kansas. Love God with all your mind. Save money on seeds.Continue reading “Get Ready for October 2016”

Get Ready for June 2016

June is just around the corner. Take some time to sharpen your knowledge of farming, music, crafts, and history. Find out how glyphosate-resistant crops work. Brush up on your mandolin technique. Teach your kids how to knit on those rainy days. Discover the story of the Stetson hat. Make a strawberry shortcake. Collect five thingsContinue reading “Get Ready for June 2016”

Pawnee Indian Museum

The site of the present-day Pawnee Indian Museum near Republic, Kansas, was accepted by the state in 1901, making it the oldest State Historic Site. The site was dedicated and opened to the public that same year. Thousands came to witness the ceremony and to see a granite monument—to an event that never happened inContinue reading “Pawnee Indian Museum”


The Morgan horse is truly an American breed.  Its founding stallion was born at West Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1789, the year that George Washington took office and American government under the Constitution began. This stallion, Figure, was a small horse of uncertain ancestry.  Thoroughbred, Arabian, Barb, and Welsh Cob have all been mentioned as possibleContinue reading “Morgan”

The Roots of Western Music

One of the most interesting aspects of traditional American music is its lineage.  Traditional songs morph over time, perhaps getting their start in foreign countries and adapting themselves to fit the American experience.  As that experience changes and travels to new places, so does the music. Such was the case with cowboy music, also calledContinue reading “The Roots of Western Music”