Greenwood Hotel: Part 3—Restoration

Main Street, Eureka

Main Street, Eureka The 1926 remodel was the high point of the Greenwood Hotel’s history. Although it continued to thrive as a gathering place for the town of Eureka, life at the hotel took on a more leisurely pace. This was noted by Roy Wall, writer for the Wichita Beacon, in 1952: In the half-lighted…… Continue reading Greenwood Hotel: Part 3—Restoration

Greenwood Hotel: Part 2—Remodeling

Panama Canal

Panama Canal To understand the next phase of Greenwood Hotel history, we’ll have to digress a bit. The Panama Canal A canal across Panama had long been considered as a shorter alternative to the dangerous trip around Cape Horn. Spain had first proposed it as a better way to get to Peru. Years later, America…… Continue reading Greenwood Hotel: Part 2—Remodeling

Greenwood Hotel: Part 1—Construction

If old buildings could talk, what stories they would have to tell! And the Greenwood Hotel on 300 North Main in Eureka, Kansas, could tell its fair share of tales of railroads and cowboys, oil men and visionaries, neglect and preservation. It all started in the days of cattle drives, when Texas Longhorns filled up…… Continue reading Greenwood Hotel: Part 1—Construction

Carneiro: The Sheep Town

One of the little dead towns of Kansas, just 12 miles east of Ellsworth, bears the name Carneiro (pronounced, “kahr-NAIR-oh”).  Interestingly, the name is Portuguese, not a very common language for place-names in this state, and it means, “sheep” or “mutton.” Now if there is one type of livestock Kansas is typically associated with, it…… Continue reading Carneiro: The Sheep Town

Texas Fever

It was the mid-19th century. The cattle drive era was in full swing. Longhorns from Texas were entering Kansas in droves on their way up to the railheads. New towns were booming and fresh beef was being supplied to industrialized, post–Civil War consumers. But something was seriously wrong. The problem was not with the hardy…… Continue reading Texas Fever