Top 10 Reader-Favorite Books

We love curating helpful reading material for country living enthusiasts! If you are looking for a variety of useful books on everything from starting a farming enterprise to planting crops to drawing horses, we highly recommend the Homestead Bookshelf as the place to find what you’re looking for. We have collected public domain classics, modern…… Continue reading Top 10 Reader-Favorite Books

Top 10 Reader-Favorite Cattle Breeds

Looking for the right cattle breed for your small farm or ranch? We have plenty of resources to help you make that selection, including our online guide to cattle breeds and the first book in our new Practical Country Living series—Choosing a Breed of Cattle by Michelle Lindsey. But if you’re curious to know what…… Continue reading Top 10 Reader-Favorite Cattle Breeds

Top 10 Strangest Kansas Town Names

Henry Tilley House in Ransom

Henry Tilley House in Ransom Kansas certainly has its share of oddities, not the least of which are some of its unique small towns. Many lists of strange Kansas town names have been made already, but there are still some peculiar names that are frequently overlooked. Allow us to share the 10 Kansas towns that…… Continue reading Top 10 Strangest Kansas Town Names