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Top 10 Kansas Towns

Top 10 Kansas Towns

Looking for a few Kansas day trip ideas? Start here for some small-town charm.

8 Utopian Experiments in Kansas

8 Utopian Experiments in Kansas

The fresh, unsettled land of Kansas attracted many idealists in the early part of the state’s history.  Agricultural land was readily available, either for free under the Homestead Act or […]

Historical Atlas of Kansas

Historical Atlas of Kansas

If you like maps and you love Kansas history, have we found the book for you! The Historical Atlas of Kansas by Homer E. Socolofsky and Huber Self contains over 70 […]

Silkville: A Utopian Experiment

Silkville: A Utopian Experiment

More than one utopian dreamer has chosen Kansas as the place to found his grand experiment. A list of state ghost towns would be full of communities founded on some […]

Carneiro: The Sheep Town

Carneiro: The Sheep Town

One of the little dead towns of Kansas, just 12 miles east of Ellsworth, bears the name Carneiro (pronounced, “kahr-NAIR-oh”).  Interestingly, the name is Portuguese, not a very common language […]

WaKeeney: Christmas City of the High Plains

WaKeeney: Christmas City of the High Plains

WaKeeney, Kansas, did not start out as the “Christmas City of the High Plains.”  Its founders, Albert Warren and James Keeney, called it the “Queen City of the Great Plains.”  […]

George Grant and the Victoria Colony

George Grant and the Victoria Colony

At the beginning of the 1870s, Scottish nobleman George Grant’s only idea was to retire to a country estate in England.  Nothing quite suited him, however, so he traveled to […]