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Kansas Historical Markers

Kansas Historical Markers

Over 120 historical markers dot the Kansas landscape, telling the story of our fascinating state. If you are looking for the Kansas historical markers, the Kansas Historical Society offers a […]

Freeport, Formerly the Smallest Incorporated City in Kansas

Freeport, Formerly the Smallest Incorporated City in Kansas

Kansas lost a state treasure with the unincorporation of tiny Freeport, population 5.

2018 Reading Challenge: Kansas

2018 Reading Challenge: Kansas

A new year—a new reading challenge! This year, Kansas is the theme. To complete the challenge, you must read 12 Kansas-related books by the end of 2018: A book about […]

Kansas Ag Connection

Kansas Ag Connection

Looking for a good way to keep up with daily agriculture-related headlines? Give Kansas Ag Connection a try! Subscribers to On the Range, our weekly country living update (read more), […]

El Cuartelejo: Rediscovery

El Cuartelejo: Rediscovery

Archaeologists have determined that the ultimate cause of El Cuartelejo’s demise was fire, as testified by the remains of charred posts and corn seeds. The Comanches who later took up […]

My Kansas

My Kansas

Back in 2011, the Kansas Department of Commerce, Travel and Tourism Division, published a spectacular 160-page collection of best-of-Kansas scenes by the best Kansas photographers. This book, My Kansas: A […]

Get Ready for December 2016

Get Ready for December 2016

Christmas will be here before you know it! Prepare tasty treats and heartfelt gifts from your own homegrown offerings, and snuggle up on the couch for a little storytelling. Retell […]

Registers of Historic Places

Registers of Historic Places

Looking for a particular landmark, or just curious to know what historic places are in your part of Kansas?  Check out the registers kept by the Kansas Historical Society. These […]

6 Great Birdwatching Resources...and a Bonus!

6 Great Birdwatching Resources…and a Bonus!

Don’t let that summer heat turn you off of birdwatching. Fall migration season is just around the corner! Are you ready? Stock your birdwatching bookshelf with good identification tools before […]

Top 10 Kansas Towns

Top 10 Kansas Towns

Many Kansas towns have charm. However, a few stand out as delightful places to visit and explore. Allow us to share 10 towns that we feel are must-sees.   10. […]