Something Old, Something New

Just a few hours out and a few hours back, Winding down backroads and seeing the view,Rolling through towns, fields, and pastures, Rediscovering the old as though something new. We call it a day trip, an excursion or outing, But it’s much like our lives every day, too—Learning, growing, seeking, and working, Rediscovering the old… Continue reading Something Old, Something New

Kansas Forts and Bases

Not all of us can readily absorb military history without getting bogged down in the technicalities. Thankfully, Kansas Forts and Bases: Sentinels on the Prairie by Debra Goodrich Bisel and Michelle M. Martin is supremely readable, providing an era-by-era overview of Kansas forts as reflective of the broader picture of Kansas history overall.

Stone Arch Bridges

Do you love those picturesque stone arch bridges in Cowley County, Kansas? Do we know the website for you to visit! is a unique blend of history, physics, how-to, and photography. It offers well-researched information about bridges in Kansas (and other places, as well!) that can be extremely difficult to find anywhere else. Just… Continue reading Stone Arch Bridges

Rediscovering the Walz Ford Bridge

Butler County, Kansas, has had many stone arch bridges built over the years, about 20 of which still remain on the road system. These bridges were important to the progress of the county and represent an era when good roads were considered important for the establishment of trade. Many of these stone bridges are still… Continue reading Rediscovering the Walz Ford Bridge