Registers of Historic Places

Looking for a particular landmark, or just curious to know what historic places are in your part of Kansas?  Check out the registers kept by the Kansas Historical Society. These databases can help you view historic sites listed in several places: National Register of Historic Places. Register of Kansas Historic Places. Kansas Historic Resources Inventory.…… Continue reading Registers of Historic Places

Get Ready for May 2016

Summer is fast approaching! It’s time to battle the bugs, brush up on music skills, and plan some family time for Memorial Day. Discover the historical geography of the United States.Choose the right string gauge for your guitar.Deter garden bugs before they show up for lunch.Start a homemade construction project.Learn how to communicate with a…… Continue reading Get Ready for May 2016

Pawnee Indian Museum

The site of the present-day Pawnee Indian Museum near Republic, Kansas, was accepted by the state in 1901, making it the oldest State Historic Site. The site was dedicated and opened to the public that same year. Thousands came to witness the ceremony and to see a granite monument—to an event that never happened in…… Continue reading Pawnee Indian Museum

Pros and Cons of the Interstate Highway System

The Interstate Highway System has its roots right here in Kansas.  Its foremost advocate was President Dwight D. Eisenhower of Abilene.  A portion of I-70 running through the state was the first to be completed under the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956. That was 60 years ago.  There is no question that interstate highways…… Continue reading Pros and Cons of the Interstate Highway System