6 Reasons to Preserve Kansas Heritage

Kansas has a unique heritage.  Just about anywhere you go in the state, you can see relics of our fascinating history mingled with modern everyday life. Have you ever stopped to consider the inestimable value that many of our state’s historic places and handed-down stories can provide?  Here are some of the reasons that weContinue reading “6 Reasons to Preserve Kansas Heritage”

Wilson State Park

The proposed location for Wilson Reservoir created unique problems right from the start.  The United States Bureau of Reclamation originally planned to construct the lake to provide water for irrigation in a relatively dry part of Kansas.  However, the dam was to be constructed on the Saline River, named for its high salt content. SinceContinue reading “Wilson State Park”

Tuttle Creek State Park

Tuttle Creek Reservoir has the dubious distinction of being one of the most controversial lakes in Kansas history. Tuttle Creek was named for local resident and Mexican–American War veteran Henry Tuttle. A dam on Tuttle Creek was authorized in 1938 by the Flood Control Act, partly as a safety measure, partly as a source ofContinue reading “Tuttle Creek State Park”

Scott State Park

The area of Scott State Park has a particularly rich heritage. It was once the home of the Apache tribe, but various Pueblo Indians fled to its remote expanses to escape the tyranny of the Spaniards of New Mexico. Later it became the home of French troops contesting the right of Spain to the GreatContinue reading “Scott State Park”

Prairie Spirit Trail State Park

Prairie Spirit Trail State Park has the distinction of being the first rail trail in Kansas, following the line of the Leavenworth, Lawrence, and Galveston Railroad. This track was originally intended to give the city of Lawrence a competitive advantage over Kansas City, but the railroad never made it to the Gulf of Mexico asContinue reading “Prairie Spirit Trail State Park”