Prairie Dog State Park

Since irrigation and water supply are high priorities in western Kansas, the construction of Norton Dam and Keith Sebelius Reservoir was logical. The United States Bureau of Reclamation began work on the dam in 1961 and completed it in 1964. Kansas quickly arranged to set up a state park to provide recreational opportunities and wildlifeContinue reading “Prairie Dog State Park”

Pomona State Park

Several historical facts make Pomona Lake unique.  First, it is just a few miles south of the old Santa Fe Trail.  Second, it gives Osage County, Kansas, the distinction of being the only county in the United States with two federal reservoirs (Melvern Lake at Eisenhower State Park is the other reservoir in the county).Continue reading “Pomona State Park”

Lovewell State Park

While some Kansas reservoirs were extremely controversial, Lovewell Reservoir had support from the local residents.  The northern part of the Smoky Hills is dry, with winds that quickly evaporate any rain that falls.  A reservoir could be used for irrigation, so the project met with relatively little resistance.  In fact, the locals were proud toContinue reading “Lovewell State Park”