Meade State Park

Reservoirs are rare in southwestern Kansas. As early as 1925, residents of the small town of Meade realized that having the only lake and park around would probably be a boon to local businesses. That year, the state legislature had created the Kansas Forestry, Fish, and Game Commission with the power to construct lakes and…… Continue reading Meade State Park

Lovewell State Park

While some Kansas reservoirs were extremely controversial, Lovewell Reservoir had support from the local residents.  The northern part of the Smoky Hills is dry, with winds that quickly evaporate any rain that falls.  A reservoir could be used for irrigation, so the project met with relatively little resistance.  In fact, the locals were proud to…… Continue reading Lovewell State Park

Kaw River State Park

The story of Kaw River State Park, the latest addition to the Kansas park system, begins with the Menninger family. Dr. Charles Frederick Menninger was a physician who had long hoped to set up practice with his sons. When the Menningers opened a clinic together in Topeka, it was Charles’s son Karl, a psychiatrist, who…… Continue reading Kaw River State Park

Glen Elder State Park

Long before Waconda Lake and Glen Elder State Park existed, the site was home to a famous landmark that drew visitors from miles around. This landmark was a spring, bubbling out from the top of a mound of its own sediments. Waconda Spring took its name from the Kansa word Wakonda, or “Great Spirit.” The…… Continue reading Glen Elder State Park