What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

One of the main features of the recent local foods movement is a desire to connect farmers and consumers. On the one hand, many farmers want to share their practices with their customers, keeping them informed about agriculture. On the other hand, consumers want to learn more about how their food is produced. Among the…… Continue reading What is Community-Supported Agriculture?

Sweet Potato Casserole

Sweet potato casserole is a Christmas favorite. When you grow your own sweet potatoes, it’s particularly fun. A fertile garden soil and ample moisture during the growing season ensures spectacular results. Sometimes you can manage to grow a sweet potato that is big enough to supply the entire casserole single-handedly! Seriously! Ingredients 2 pounds sweet…… Continue reading Sweet Potato Casserole

The Christian Kids’ Gardening Guide

Looking for a gift idea for a young gardener? Here’s a book that may spark an interest. Practical but inviting, The Christian Kids’ Gardening Guide by Rebecca Park Totilo makes the gardening process fun and simple. Besides discussing the basics of planning, planting, and caring for plants, this book offers projects galore: Make seed tape.…… Continue reading The Christian Kids’ Gardening Guide

5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Homegrown Tomatoes

There is no tomato like a homegrown tomato! You avid gardeners probably already have a list of favorite uses for tomatoes, but in case you have overlooked a possibility or two, we’ll offer this short list of some of our favorites. Don’t miss out on a single one of these possibilities: Slices. Just sprinkle pepper…… Continue reading 5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Homegrown Tomatoes