Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

We all know that healthy plants are resistant to bugs. Unfortunately, we all too often forget to ask ourselves why this is true. In nature, weak organisms are typically attacked first. In the animal kingdom, predators see and smell the weakness of their prey. Gardeners have long suspected that diseased or dying plants put out…… Continue reading Why are Healthy Plants Bug-Resistant?

5 Free Farm-Related Unit Studies

If your children are interested in farm-related topics, you may be looking for ways to feed those hungry minds. DIYHomeschooler.com offers free—but high-quality—units on a wide range of subjects. Each unit is packed with information, activities, notebooking pages, and books to read. Below we have picked out five units and activities of particular interest to…… Continue reading 5 Free Farm-Related Unit Studies

Easy Radish Salad

If you have a greenhouse or cold frame, you may already be pulling the first radishes of the year. That crisp, fresh texture and mildly spicy taste is a real treat after the long winter. Once you’ve had your fill of radishes served plain or with a dab of vegetable dip, try something different. This…… Continue reading Easy Radish Salad