The Agricultural Adjustment Act in the Great Plains: Part 2

Adjusting Livestock Production In an effort to reduce hog numbers, payments were also distributed to farmers who would destroy their piglets and pregnant sows. About 6 million piglets were slaughtered under the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA). A cattle-purchasing program was similarly implemented under the Drought Relief Service in areas where the Dust Bowl had hit theContinue reading “The Agricultural Adjustment Act in the Great Plains: Part 2”

Growth Cracks

Growth cracks are a problem most gardeners will have to contend with sooner or later.  Fortunately, the problem is structural in nature, and therefore will not cause an epidemic. Commonly affected plants include: Tomatoes (especially beefsteak varieties). Eggplants. Cucumbers. Melons. Grapes. Jalapeño peppers frequently crack, as well, but this is normal and not likely toContinue reading “Growth Cracks”