Starting a Garden or Orchard: Water

February is already here, and gardening season is just around the corner! It’s none too early to start planning this year’s garden. For those of you who are starting a garden or orchard for the first time, we are posting a five-part series that will guide you through some of the planning process. Happy gardening!…… Continue reading Starting a Garden or Orchard: Water

Salad Bar Beef

A book by Joel Salatin is guaranteed to inspire brainstorming, and Salad Bar Beef is no exception. Salatin repeatedly points out the fact that humans tend to overcomplicate things, and the current state of the beef industry is proof—ruminants designed to eat grass are fed costly grains in a confinement system. So what does he propose…… Continue reading Salad Bar Beef

Wellington–McPherson Lowlands

Lake Inman, the largest natural lake in Kansas The Wellington–McPherson Lowlands are like no other part of Kansas. Occupying the south-central part of the state, this region really is flat—except for the sand dunes. Soil The soil in the Wellington–McPherson Lowlands consists mainly of sand, silt, and gravel. In spite of the sand dunes, erosion…… Continue reading Wellington–McPherson Lowlands

Kansas State University Weather Data Library

Country living enthusiasts and agripreneurs alike need access to weather data to manage their pursuits wisely. Here are all of the weather-related resources a Kansan could wish for—in one place! The Kansas State University Weather Data Library offers a wealth of information we can use, whether we are raising plants and animals, in the backyard…… Continue reading Kansas State University Weather Data Library