Get Ready for March 2016

Get ready for spring!  It’s time to plan new projects, start a garden, and get outside to enjoy nature. Start a new garden or orchard. Plan your farm water system. Take on the 5-minute brainstorming challenge. Learn more about growing your favorite vegetables. Learn about the breeding birds of Kansas. Start a farm journal. FindContinue reading “Get Ready for March 2016”

Pros and Cons of Gardening in Kansas

Gardening in Kansas is quite a bit different than gardening in most other states—and that can be both good and bad. The Kansas climate is unique, which presents challenges and opportunities found nowhere else in America. So what exactly is different about gardening in Kansas, and how do we adapt?   Pros Long growing season.Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Gardening in Kansas”

United States Drought Monitor

Drought is something that Kansas country families have to take seriously. Farming and ranching, even on a small scale, are extremely water-dependent pursuits. If you want to keep up to date on droughts in your area, take a look at the United States Drought Monitor, a tool jointly produced by the USDA, NOAA, and theContinue reading “United States Drought Monitor”

10 Resources for Beginning Gardeners…and a Bonus!

Spring is in the air at last! Are you ready to start gardening? If you have never planted a garden before, you may still be doing your research, hunting for resources that will get you off to a good start. We’ve pulled together a short list of posts, links, and books to help you outContinue reading “10 Resources for Beginning Gardeners…and a Bonus!”

Historical Atlas of Kansas

If you like maps and you love Kansas history, have we found the book for you! The Historical Atlas of Kansas by Homer E. Socolofsky and Huber Self contains over 70 maps presenting different aspects of life in Kansas, past and present. Maps include: Landforms. Precipitation. Native flora. Spanish and French claims. Early Indian tribes. FortsContinue reading “Historical Atlas of Kansas”

The 100th Meridian in History

To the early emigrants moving westward across America, seeking to fulfill their Manifest Destiny, the Pacific Coast was the goal. Between the frontier towns of America and the two promised lands of Oregon and California lay a number of obstacles. The Rocky Mountains were one of the most obvious difficulties to be overcome. But evenContinue reading “The 100th Meridian in History”

Weather Folklore: Animal Prognosticators

Some weather-related folklore depends on animals to predict the weather. You are probably already familiar with the groundhog and the woolly bear caterpillar, but there are quite a few more animal prognosticators out there! Can we rely on animals for an accurate forecast? Let’s find out. If the groundhog sees its shadow on February 2,Continue reading “Weather Folklore: Animal Prognosticators”