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7 Cold-Weather Country Living Projects

7 Cold-Weather Country Living Projects

Looking for something to do indoors on those cold, cloudy days of winter? Put that time to good use with one of these projects: Set goals for the new year. […]

5 Tips for Improving Your Writing

5 Tips for Improving Your Writing

Writing is a valuable communication skill, no matter what we do in life. Just to name a few of the uses a small farmer might have for writing: Writing posts […]

5 Handy Resources for Writers

5 Handy Resources for Writers

Every writer has a preferred modus operandi, including diverse details such as when we write, where we write, and what we use to write. For those of you who write […]



If you have ever tried to compile a bibliography by hand, you know that it is not an easy task, even with a small bibliography. Zotero (zoh-TAIR-oh) offers a free, […]



If you enjoy research and writing, you are probably always on the lookout for a better way to keep track of information. Scrivener is an outstanding program that can help. […]

Introducing Cowboy Poetry

Introducing Cowboy Poetry

The early cowboys seem to have been artists at heart.  Every aspect of their daily lives seems to have made it into verse, from their love of nature to their […]



You don’t need a pricey suite of software to turn out professional-looking documents to represent your business.  If you are motivated and reasonably artistic, you can use Scribus, a powerful […]

The Family Garden Journal

New Compact Family Garden Journal Available

The Family Garden Journal published by Homestead on the Range is now better than ever! We have released a new compact edition that is easier to carry, but still contains […]

A Kid's EcoJournal Series

A Kid’s EcoJournal Series

If your children love the outdoors and also love to write, they may enjoy A Kid’s EcoJournal series by Toni Albert. There are four of these books (spring, summer, fall, […]

Quote of the Week: Practice Makes Perfect

Quote of the Week: Practice Makes Perfect

As goatherd learns his trade by goat, so writer learns his trade by wrote. —Anonymous