Crafts & Skills

The Wonderful Art of Drawing HorsesThe Wonderful Art of Drawing Horses

by Barry Stebbing

Over 80 fun lessons take young artists from the basics of drawing through developing intermediate art techniques to learning from the masters. Along the way, children will learn how to apply their new skills to horses of different breeds and in different poses. Spiral-bound. Read more »

The Art of Drawing & Painting HorsesThe Art of Drawing and Painting Horses

by Walter Foster

Several artists share their expertise on capturing the grace and personality of horses. Step-by-step lessons demonstrate both basic and advanced techniques for pencil, watercolor, oil, acrylic, and pastel, each lesson culminating in a beautiful work of art. Paperback. Read more »

Music PracticeMusic Practice: The Musician’s Guide to Practicing and Mastering Your Instrument Like a Professional

by David Dumais

No matter what instrument you play, you will find this little book a great help in developing good practicing habits. Includes incredibly effective exercises for learning a variety of skills, including playing in tempo, improving your ear, memorizing music, and performing in public. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »

Western Swing Guitar StyleWestern Swing Guitar Style

by Joe Carr

This book offers an excellent step-by-step approach, taking the time to teach you the principles and music theory you need to be able to create your own arrangements. Right from the start, you will see how to build a great Western swing chord progression by learning how to take “Sally Goodin'” from a basic A-D-A-E-A progression to a full-fledged arrangement with a bass line and some beautiful diminished chords. But that’s just the beginning! Paperback or Kindle. Read more »

The Banjo EncyclopediaThe Banjo Encyclopedia: Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z

by Ross Nickerson

Nickerson starts with the basics of banjo technique, including hand position, rolls, scales, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and chokes. Then he moves on to examine some of the most popular bluegrass banjo styles (Scruggs, melodic, and single-string) and ways to combine them. Subsequent chapters discuss other topics of importance to banjo players like improvising, jamming, and using a capo. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »

Tony Trischka's Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass BanjoTony Trischka’s Essential Practice Techniques for Bluegrass Banjo

by Tony Trischka

This resource can help the beginning banjo player build a solid foundation, or it can help an intermediate player brush up on a few skills. Topics covered include rhythm, standard rolls, right-hand technique, playing by ear, and effective practicing. DVD. Read more »

Essential Techniques for MandolinEssential Techniques for Mandolin

by Chris Thile

Chris Thile explores the principles of mandolin technique, including right-hand technique, left-hand technique, scales, and more. Great choice for those have just taken up mandolin and are ready to progress to the next level. DVD. Read more »

You Can Teach Yourself DobroYou Can Teach Yourself Dobro

by Janet Davis

Offers a logical sequence to learning this unique instrument, starting with the basics and using previous skills as a foundation for new skills. The book is divided into lessons, early lessons covering essential technique and subsequent lessons introducing a mix of music theory principles, improvisation exercises, and advanced slide techniques. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »

50 Tunes for Guitar

50 Tunes for Mandolin

50 Tunes for Banjo

50 Tunes for Fiddle

50 Tunes for Bass

50 Tunes for Guitar

by Mark Geslison

While we don’t recommend limiting yourself to the songs that you can learn from tablature, the excellent arrangements on the online audio that comes with this series make it a worthwhile tool for beginners. Something for instrumentalists of all abilities from absolute beginner through intermediate. Paperback or Kindle.

The Beginner's Guide to MicrophonesA Beginner’s Guide to Microphones

by Brendan Krueger

Are you a musician shopping for that first microphone to get your home studio off to a good start? Before you spend any money on a mic, spend just a couple of dollars on some great information. Kindle. Read more »

Homemade Cards: Fresh Techniques and Ideas for Making Your Own Cards

Homemade Cards

by Charlene Kennell

Gather an inexpensive collection of basic supplies, then set to work using the elements of good card design to create an attractive card tailored to that special person in your life. Top it off with a message from the heart. Paperback. Read more »

Kids KnittingKids Knitting

by Melanie Falick

Although this book is simple and inviting enough to make a great resource for children, it’s helpful for beginners of all ages, as well! Part of the appeal of Kids Knitting is that the knitter learns by creating interesting and useful projects ranging from backpacks to sweaters. Paperback or hardcover. Read more »

HomeMade: 101 Easy-to-Make Things for Your Garden, Home, or Farm


by Ken Braren & Roger Griffith

Build anything from a gate to a cold frame to a basement closet. Drawings and summaries are included for each project, and dimensions are also included for many of them. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »

Field Dressing and Butchering Deer: Step-by-Step Instructions, From Field to Table

Field Dressing and Butchering Deer

by Monte Burch

Clear instructions supplemented with illustrations make it easy to learn how to shoot, field dress, skin, butcher, and cook a deer that you will enjoy eating. More experienced hunters will appreciate the extensive recipe section, demonstrating the incredible versatility of venison. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »