The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!): 101 Funny Bone Ticklers For Jokesters of All Ages

by B. Patrick Lincoln

Published by Homestead on the Range

At last—a supply of clean jokes for the whole family! Young jokers (cards, you might say) will learn 101 side-splitting riddles and funny bone ticklers, all in a small, illustrated book made to be shared. Paperback. Read more »


Brave the Wild TrailBrave the Wild Trail

by Milly Howard

If cowboy lore fascinates you, you might be interested to learn about Florida Cracker cattle and Marsh Tacky horses. But there is much more than history and adventure to make this story worth reading. This is also a tale of changed hearts and true friendship. Paperback. Read more »


Little House Nine-Book Box SetLittle House Nine-Book Box Set

by Laura Ingalls Wilder

This set includes all nine of Laura’s wonderful stories. Learn about homesteading and farming in the late 1800s. Paperbacks.


Misty of ChincoteagueMisty of Chincoteague

by Marguerite Henry

No study of Chincoteague pony history would be complete without it. Kindle, hardcover, paperback, or audiobook.


Stormy, Misty's FoalsStormy, Misty’s Foal

by Marguerite Henry

When a devastating storm hits Chincoteague, the Beebes must evacuate, leaving Misty to her own resources…in the family kitchen. Based on the true story of the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962. Paperback, Kindle, or audiobook.


Misty's TwilightMisty’s Twilight

by Marguerite Henry

Even grownups can dream! At long last, Dr. Sandy Price gets to visit Chincoteague on Pony Penning Day, and she brings back some ponies of her own. One of the ponies has a filly, Twilight. Dr. Price knows that Twilight has what it takes to make a great performance horse—but will horse trainers take the splashy pinto pony seriously? Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook.


Justin Morgan Had a HorseJustin Morgan Had a Horse

by Marguerite Henry

A schoolmaster accepts a fine colt in payment of a debt, only to end up with the colt’s runty little brother. Little does Justin Morgan know that the runt will someday more than prove his worth! This book tells the story of the Morgan breed, embellished enough to capture a child’s imagination, but still close enough to fact to be of interest to the adult horse lover. Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook.


White Stallion of LipizzaWhite Stallion of Lipizza

by Marguerite Henry

Hans is captivated by the famous and beautiful Lipizzaner horses of the Spanish Riding School at Vienna. However, actually attending the riding school seems like an unattainable goal for a poor baker’s son. Young readers will not only root for Hans as he learns the discipline he needs to live his dream, but will learn quite a bit about Lipizzaners and the amazing feats they perform. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle.


Brighty of the Grand CanyonBrighty of the Grand Canyon

by Marguerite Henry

Brighty lives a peaceful life in the Grand Canyon with his prospector friend—until one day the prospector is murdered, leaving the brave burro with a mystery to solve. Suspense and narrow escapes are around every corner, right up to a thrilling climax in a snowbound cabin. Hardcover, paperback, Kindle, or audiobook.


Black GoldBlack Gold

by Marguerite Henry

The true story of how two dreams converged when a boy who longed to be a jockey laid eyes on an underestimated horse with spirit. Henry retells the bittersweet tale of Black Gold with sympathy and compassion. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle.


Cinnabar, the One O'Clock FoxCinnabar, the One O’Clock Fox

by Marguerite Henry

One might think that a fox would be terrified by a fox hunt, but not Cinnabar. Cinnabar has a reputation for punctuality that he is bound and determined to maintain. But can he outwit George Washington himself? Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle.


Dear Readers and RidersDear Readers and Riders

by Marguerite Henry

Have you ever wondered about the true stories behind Marguerite Henry’s books? If so, you may find the answers to your questions in Dear Readers and Riders. Hardcover. Read more »


Tree in the TrailTree in the Trail

by Holling C. Holling

A cottonwood tree sees many different groups of people travel across Kansas, from Plains tribes to Spanish conquistadors. The old tree eventually gains new life in the form of an ox yoke and takes a trip on the Santa Fe Trail! Hardcover or paperback. Read more »


A Champion of the FoothillsFREE: A Champion of the Foothills

by Lewis Edwin Theiss

Ned Higgins grew up on his father’s run-down farm, firmly believing that it will never amount to anything. Then one night his eye falls on a headline in a newspaper: “Alabama Boy Raises 232 Bushels of Corn to the Acre.” Variety of eBook formats. Read more ».