Field Crops

FREE: Kansas Crop Planting Guide

Kansas Crop Planting Guide

by Kansas State University Research and Extension

Two charts suggest the correct planting dates and rates for a variety of cash and forage crops; then follow more specific recommendations for sorghum, soybeans, corn, and wheat. This guide is essential for anyone planting crops in Kansas. PDF.

Soil Electrical ConductivityFREE: Precision Farming Tools: Soil Electrical Conductivity

by Virginia Cooperative Extension

Unfortunately, soil conductivity is not something you hear much about. Here’s a basic introduction to this fascinating and promising topic. PDF.

A Landowner's Guide to Prairie Conservation StripsFREE: A Landowner’s Guide to Prairie Strips

by Iowa State University

Find out about the potential benefits of using prairie strips, the basics of how to get started, and prairie strip maintenance. Plenty of helpful resources are provided along the way. PDF.

Alfalfa Production HandbookFREE: Alfalfa Production Handbook

by Kansas State University Research and Extension

Covers alfalfa varieties, planting methods, stand renovation, nutrient needs, irrigation, pests, diseases, harvesting, and storage. Also includes cost and profit estimates by region with extra space for you to do your own math. PDF. Read more »

Beans as a Field Crop in KansasFREE: Beans as a Field Crop in Kansas

by Kansas State Horticultural Society

Mainly focuses on how to raise pinto beans, but navy beans are discussed as well. Don’t overlook the testimonial section—it includes helpful advice. Variety of eBook formats. Read more »

FREE: Growing Corn Successfully: A Treatise on Corn Culture From Plowing and Planting to Harvesting and Marketing

Growing Corn Successfully

by E.S. Teagarden

Originally written as a protest against sacrificing quality for quantity in corn culture. Variety of eBook formats. Read more »