General Livestock Care

An Introduction to Heritage Breeds: Saving and Raising Rare-Breed Livestock and Poultry

An Introduction to Heritage Breeds

by The Livestock Conservancy

Exactly what the title suggests—an introduction, concise and clear enough for a reader with no prior experience with animals. Provides an overview of the process of maintaining heritage breeds in nontechnical terms. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »

FREE: Frequently Asked Questions: Pasture Leases in Kansas

Frequently Asked Questions: Pasture Leases in Kansas

by Kansas State University

Concisely answers 10 key questions on pasture leases, covering pricing, long-term investments, weed control, and terminating a lease. PDF.

Waterers and Watering SystemsFREE: Waterers and Watering Systems

by K-State Research and Extension

This free PDF download is packed with pros, cons, and design considerations for a number of water sources, power sources, and drink delivery options. PDF. Read more »

Alternative Water SourceFREE: Alternative Water Source: Developing Springs for Livestock

by University of Kentucky

Starts off by listing the advantages of watering animals from a spring, then offers suggestions for determining if a spring on your property is suitable for this use. Next come directions for locating the development site, excavating the spring, and feeding the water into a tank. PDF.

FREE: Grazing Systems Planning Guide

Grazing Systems Planning Guide

by Kevin Blanchet, Howard Moechnig, and Jodi DeJong-Hughes

The guide starts by evaluating current land and livestock resources before progressing to designing paddocks, fences, water systems, and heavy-use areas. Then comes a section on managing pastures for optimum performance, followed by a chapter on keeping records. PDF. Read more »

Intensive Grazing: An Introductory Homestudy Course

Intensive Grazing: An Introductory Homestudy Course

by Burt Smith

This power-packed bulletin condenses the most important points of management-intensive grazing into less than 20 pages. But don’t think for a minute that the topic gets short shrift! Paperback. Read more »

Veterinary Guide for Animal OwnersVeterinary Guide for Animal Owners

by C. E. Spaulding, DVM, and Jackie Clay

Covers cattle, goats, sheep, horses, swine, poultry, rabbits, dogs, and cats. Each chapter begins with some information on basic care, then proceeds to a discussion of the health problems common to the species in question. Paperback. Read more »

Making Quality Corn SilageFREE: Making Quality Corn Silage

by Iowa State University

Covers optimum moisture, cutting height, length of cut, packing density, and storage losses. PDF.

FREE: Draft Animal Power for Farming

Draft Animal Power for Farming

by National Center for Appropriate Technology

Begins with a comparison of horses, mules, and oxen before briefly exploring ways in which these animals can be effectively used to complete the tasks required of them. Wraps up with tips on finding equipment and a helpful resource section. PDF.