Getting Your First HorseGetting Your First Horse

by Judith Dutson

Covers just about everything you need to know to buy and care for a horse for the first time. Breeds, trailers, tack, feed, health issues—an excellent introduction to the pros and cons of each option. Paperback. Read more »


Your Pony, Your HorseYour Pony, Your Horse: A Kid’s Guide to Care and Enjoyment

by Cherry Hill

Children will learn the basics of how to “read,” choose, care for, and ride a horse, all with an emphasis on safety. Paperback or Kindle.


Buying and Selling a HorseBuying and Selling a Horse

by Cherry Hill

On the buying end, learn how to pick a horse that will fit your needs and thoroughly try it out before committing to purchase it. On the selling end, find out how to advertise, price, and present your horse to a prospective buyer. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »


American Quarter Horse AnatomyFREE: American Quarter Horse Anatomy

by American Quarter Horse Association

Illustrates the external anatomy, muscles, organs, skeleton, and feet of horses. A section on determining a horse’s age by looking at its teeth wraps things up. PDF.


ConformationFREE: Conformation: The Relationship of Form to Function

by Marvin Beeman, DVM

Rather than emphasizing the looks and “type” of the horse, Beeman analyzes conformation from a veterinarian’s perspective. Starts with a definition of conformation and then proceeds to examine balance, faces, angles, gaits, and other relevant topics. PDF. Read more »


Body Condition Scoring System Benefits for Horses and OwnersFREE: Body Condition Scoring System Benefits for Horses and Owners

by Mississippi State University Extension

Handy four-page download with color photos. Includes an explanation of how to properly use body condition scoring to keep your horses in good health. PDF.


The Basics of Western RidingThe Basics of Western Riding

by Charlene Strickland

After learning how to choose the right horse for you, you will find out how to saddle up and start riding. The emphasis is on safety, but there is plenty of information on mastering the art of Western horsemanship to get you started. Paperback or Kindle. Read more »


Storey's Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North AmericaStorey’s Illustrated Guide to 96 Horse Breeds of North America

by Judith Dutson

America’s horse breeds, rare and common, get center stage in this encyclopedia, along with breeds from other countries have won hearts on our shores. History is the focus, but some details and fun facts on each horse’s uses and unique characteristics are included. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »


Album of HorsesAlbum of Horses

by Marguerite Henry

Covers popular horse breeds in story form, making it a great choice for children. Includes 24 of America’s favorite breeds. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »


North American Colonial Spanish Horse UpdateFREE: North American Colonial Spanish Horse Update

by Dr. D. Phillip Sponenberg

Detailed information on the history and genetics of the true Spanish mustang. Describes significant and rare feral, rancher, and Native American bloodlines. PDF.