Storey's Guide to Raising ChickensStorey’s Guide to Raising Chickens

by Gail Damerow

Great starting point for beginners! This guide covers much of what you will need to know to raise your first flock of chickens, whether they are for eggs, meat, or fun. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »


Pastured Poultry ProfitsPastured Poultry Profits

by Joel Salatin

For those of you with limited resources but a strong desire to farm, Joel Salatin presents an innovative approach to getting started in pastured poultry. Although the focus is on broilers, information is also included on layers, turkeys, and exotic poultry. Paperback. Read more »


Egg Consumption and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease and StrokeFREE: “Egg consumption and risk of coronary heart disease and stroke: dose-response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies”

by Ying Rong, Li Chen, Tingting Zhu, Yadong Song, Miao Yu, Zhilei Shan, Amanda Sands, Frank B. Hu, and Liegang Liu

Researchers are increasingly questioning the former recommendation to reduce egg consumption for heart health. This paper reviews several previous studies and concludes that there is not a strong connection between eating eggs and developing heart disease. PDF.


Vitamins A, E and Fatty Acid Composition of the Eggs of Caged Hens and Pastured HensFREE: “Vitamins A, E and fatty acid composition of the eggs of caged hens and pastured hens”

by H. D. Karsten, P. H. Patterson, R. Stout, and G. Crews

You already knew intuitively that homegrown eggs from pastured hens were much healthier than those from the store. Here’s the data to prove it. PDF.


Extraordinary ChickensExtraordinary Chickens

Extra Extraordinary Chickens

Extraordinary Chickens Wall Calendar

by Stephen Green-Armytage

Enjoy beautiful color photos of chickens of all shapes and sizes. Along the way, you’ll discover some breeds you may not have ever heard of. Hardcover or paperback, plus wall calendar. Read more »