Sheep Production in KansasFREE: Sheep Production in Kansas

by Kansas State Agricultural College

Old, but not outdated, this bulletin provides a good general introduction to sheep care with information tailored to the needs of Kansans. Covers everything from breeds to pastures to parasites. PDF. Read more »


Body Condition Scoring of SheepFREE: Body Condition Scoring of Sheep

by University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Four-page download explaining the why and how of body condition scoring sheep. PDF.


Nutrient Requirements of Sheep and GoatsFREE: Nutrient Requirements of Sheep and Goats

by Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Introductory material covers energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, and water. The rest of the download consists of tables comparing the daily nutritional requirements of sheep and goats in most stages of growth and reproduction. PDF.

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