Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas: A Field Guide

Wildflowers & Grasses of Kansas

by Michael John Haddock

Great for identifying both the grasses in your pastures and the wildflowers on your nature walks. Well-organized with a helpful finding aid. Paperback. Read more »

FREE: A Pocket Guide to Kansas Red Hills Wildflowers

A Pocket Guide to Kansas Red Hills Wildflowers

by Ken Brunson, Phyllis Scherich, Chris Berens, and Carl Jarboe

Simple guide grouped by color. Includes photos and information on family, height, longevity, distribution, characteristics, bloom period, and more. PDF.

Eastern Red-CedarFREE: Eastern Red-cedar: Positives, Negatives and Management

by the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Starts with a history of cedar expansion in the Great Plains, then proceeds with a description of the tree, including its range, life cycle, and pests. Positives and negatives of red cedars are explored next, followed by a discussion of management techniques. PDF.