A Field Guide to the AtmosphereA Field Guide to the Atmosphere

by Vincent Schaefer and John A. Day

A major focus of this book is particles in the atmosphere and how they influence the weather. However, you will also learn the causes and characteristics of clouds, storms, and optical effects in the sky, all illustrated with hundreds of photos. Hardcover or paperback. Read more »

The Book of CloudsThe Book of Clouds

by John A. Day

Hefty photo book. Includes some information on clouds, storms, and forecasting, but the highlight is the beauty of the sky. Hardcover or paperback. Read more »

The Weather Wizard’s Cloud Book

The Weather Wizard's Cloud Book

by Louis D. Rubin Sr., Jim Duncan, and Hiram J. Herbert

Descriptions and color plates teach you how to identify clouds, the starting point for understanding the weather. You will also learn how the wind affects the weather, and about fronts, storms, and the strange optical effects that sometimes appear in the sky. Paperback. Read more »

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Weather Notebook

The Old Farmer's Almanac Weather Notebook

by Old Farmer’s Almanac

A beautiful, sturdy four-year journal in full color. Room for recording current conditions, temperature, precipitation, wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity, and special weather or personal events. Also includes amazing photography, fascinating information on how weather works, and a daily dose of weather folklore. Paperback. Read more »

Kansas: In the Heart of Tornado Alley

Kansas: In the Heart of Tornado Alley

by Jay M. Price, Craig Torbenson, Sadonia Corns, Jessica Nellis, and Keith Wondra

A photographic examination of the way the tornado has shaped Kansas culture. Composed primarily of images, along with in-depth captions explaining the historical context. It offers accounts of events that you may never have heard of before, as well as fresh insight into more familiar storms. Hardcover, paperback, or Kindle. Read more »