The Practical Country Living Series

You can create the abundant country lifestyle of your dreams. All you need are a few practical skills.

The Practical Country Living series makes it easy to master hands-on country skills by providing the comprehensive and concise information you need to get started quickly.

Each title in the series includes features that make country living skills easy to learn:

  • Proven methods for success.
  • Extensive research.
  • Authors who love to learn.
  • A quick read.
  • Excellent value.

You’ll be outside ready to apply your new knowledge before you know it.

Whether you are a backyard gardener or an agripreneur with a growing business, you will find a Practical Country Living book that can help you take your country living adventure to the next level.

Start learning!

Improving Your Garden Soil

Healthy, nutrient-rich food starts with vibrant soil. You can build that vibrant soil in your backyard in 10 steps.