The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)

The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)
101 Funny Bone Ticklers For Jokesters of All Ages

by B. Patrick Lincoln

The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot!)

Paperback: $6.49
eBook: $4.49


Why is it inadvisable to read the contents of this book to an egg?

Why was the ground delighted with the earthquake?

And why did the chicken really cross the road?

At last—a supply of clean jokes for the whole family! Young jokers (cards, you might say) will learn 101 side-splitting riddles and funny bone ticklers, all in a small, illustrated book made to be shared. Jokesters of all ages will enjoy trying out corny wordplay on their family, friends, and pun pals.

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Book Details

  • ISBN-13 (Paperback): 978-0997526110
  • ISBN-13 (eBook): 978-0997526127
  • Pages: 62
  • Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″


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