As country living enthusiasts, most of us come into contact with weather in some form every day. The changing face of the sky affects our pets, livestock, gardens, crops, travel plans, and outdoor recreation—not to mention our personal comfort.

If you want to better understand how weather works, start with the resources below. Along the way, you will find safety and preparedness helps, along with tools for checking the forecast and keeping your own records.

Who knows? You might even take up amateur weather forecasting!


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Kansas Regions

Kansas Regions

The Sunflower State has been blessed with diverse and beautiful scenery, ranging from forests to hills to wide-open farmland. Geologists have divided Kansas into 11 distinct regions, each with its own unique characteristics. Our guide to physiographic regions will take you through our gorgeous state, exploring its topography, soils, vegetation, water resources, climate, and agricultural practices along the way. So pick a region and start your discovery. Read more »


  • What is the weather climate type in Kansas?
    This depends largely on what climate classification system you use. The whole state lies within the northern temperate zone, with the southern third being subtropical. Using the Köppen system, most of the state is humid continental (hot summer subtype), with parts of south-central and southeastern Kansas being humid temperate (hot summer subtype) and parts of western Kansas being semi-arid and cold. The four USDA plant hardiness zones in the Sunflower State are 5b, 6a, 6b, and 7a.

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