How to Make Osage Orange Fence Posts

Permanent fencing is sometimes necessary, but it can also be costly. However, with a little time and effort (and a few Osage orange trees) you can make your own fence posts and save some money.

Why Osage orange? It lasts. Once the wood dries, it’s iron tough. Just watch out for the thorns.

You will notice that the instructions below are not terribly specific. They were not intended to be. Since you are cutting the fence posts yourself, you will have the flexibility to make them as long or short or thick or thin as you want.

You Will Need

  • Osage orange trees
  • Chainsaw


  1. Select a suitable Osage orange tree. It must have a relatively straight trunk or branches and be a suitable length and diameter for a fence post. Thicker branches make good corner posts, while thinner branches will do for line posts.
  2. Cut down the trunk or branch.
  3. Cut to the desired length. (Just remember that part of the post will be underground.)
  4. Carefully carve one end of the post into a point with the chainsaw. You may need a helper to hold or stand on the other end of the post.
  5. Repeat this whole procedure until you have as many fence posts as you need.

Using the Fence Posts

The method you use to drive in one of your new Osage orange fence posts will depend on the diameter of the post. Thin line posts can be pounded into the ground with a sledgehammer. Thick corner posts are easier to handle when the post hole is dug or augered out first.

Attaching hardware to an Osage orange fence post can sometimes be a little tricky because the wood is so hard. If you need to screw in an insulator for electric fencing, you probably want to pre-drill the hole first. If you’re hammering in staples, well, you’ll just have to work at it. Comfort yourself with the reminder that your fence posts will last for quite a few years.