Introducing Your Path to Abundant Living in Flyover Country

You’ve decided that the country life is for you. You’re ready to get back to your roots, to get closer to nature, and to become more self-reliant. Or maybe you already have your place in the country. You’ve been keeping livestock and a garden for years. But somehow you’ve run into difficulties. Your lifestyle just…… Continue reading Introducing Your Path to Abundant Living in Flyover Country

One Perfect Life

There has only been one perfect life throughout all of time. This book offers a unique glimpse at what that life was like.

Something Old, Something New

Just a few hours out and a few hours back, Winding down backroads and seeing the view,Rolling through towns, fields, and pastures, Rediscovering the old as though something new. We call it a day trip, an excursion or outing, But it’s much like our lives every day, too—Learning, growing, seeking, and working, Rediscovering the old…… Continue reading Something Old, Something New

The 3:16 Promise

Max Lucado ably draws our attention to the four key parts of John 3:16: He loves. He gave. We believe. We live.